Welcome to Bricasti Design. Home of the worlds finest audio products.

Handcrafted in the USA

All of our products are crafted in the old world tradition, in a classic brick mill building in Massachusetts USA by a team of individuals dedicated to excellence.


Model 7 Stereo Reverb Processor

The Bricasti Design Model 7 provides the highest level of musicality and ease of control imaginable in a processor dedicated to the task of reverberation. A modern high resolution digital design, utilizing a stunning array of the latest DSP processors, provides a platform for the long overdue next step in reverb processing algorithms.

Model 7 Mainframe Stereo Reverb Processor

The new Bricasti Design M7M Reverb Processor Mainframe is an exact duplicate of the M7 Stereo Reverb Processor with reduced front panel controls, and is intended to be used in conjunction with the M10 Remote Console.

Model 10 Reverb Remote Console

The Bricasti Design Model 10 remote console is a dedicated hardware remote controller for use with the M7 stereo reverb processor. Following the same design criteria as the M7, the M10 casing is manufactured and milled from solid anodized aluminum, for an enduring design and long life.

MC1 Reference D/A

The MC1 digital to analog converter is a fully-differential stereo reference D/A designed for critical audio applications. Years in development and refinement, the MC1 recreates audio waveforms with exacting precision with a goal to carefully preserve harmonic integrity. This means instrumentation and human voices sound life-like, transparent and maintain their intended recorded character.

Model 15 Professional Stereo Power Amplifier

The Bricasti M15 Professional Series stereo amplifier is a balanced, fully differential power amplifier rated at 120 W / 400 W / 500 W into 8ohms, 4ohms and 2ohm loads respectively. The M15 Pro was designed to perform under the most challenging conditions with well controlled bass attributes, fast transient attack and spot-on imaging.

Model 25 Stereo Power Amplifier

The Bricasti M25 Professional Series stereo amplifier finds a special place in the Bricasti family of amplifiers through its implementation of a dual mono transformer design, essentially creating a hybrid of the traditional single transformer M15 stereo amplifier and its larger M28 mono-block brethren. The M25 is rated at 150 W / 300 W / 600 W per channel into 8ohms, 4ohms and 2ohm loads respectively.

M28 Monoblock Amplifier

The Bricasti M28 monoblock amplifier is an exceptionally pure and precisely controlled reservoir of current. The expression of craft wrought in this deep pool effortlessly provides the massive current required to grab onto and control any speaker through the most demanding of musical passages. The sought after listening experience that is so elusive is immediately evident. The M28 is conservatively rated at 200 watts into an 8 ohm load. Ruler flat response and vanishing distortion, of course. Fast, articulate, distortion free low frequency performance, even at the speaker's resonant peak, perhaps unanticipated.