Fine audio tube electronics & cables, manufactured in Croatia


We design and build high performance products which will let you experience music like never before.

Marohei-cables is a small company specialized in audio cables production with over 30 years of work and experience in high fidelity sound quality reproduction. Shortly, our cables are for real high quality music presentation lovers!

All our products are handmade, because we deeply believe that human hand is a perfect instrument and there is no better way to produce high quality product that you would like to live with, a long and happy life! About 90% of built in elements in a single cable is our own production. We are one of not many companies which in dielectric technology uses the best capillary silk, as well as our own electrolytic purification and deep cryo system.

With our carefully selected materials, You will get an increasingly betteer sound picture as you move up the line, greater differentiation between sonic elements and an optimal sense of clarity. It is all for the best possible music presentation. Classifying these changes, You’ll get the best in each case.


Vortex Line

Maduro C Line

Maduro S Line

Statement Line

Custom Cables

Here are some of custom cable examples made by Marohei-cables