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Artisan Crafted Analogue.

TriangleART is a leading manufacturer of high-end audio turntables and analog playback systems. Years of passion, experimentation, and handcrafted work in precision engineering have led to timeless award-winning turntables that exceed all expectations. We proudly share the Ultimate LE, Reference SE, Signature, Symphony SE, Symphony, and Concerto with you. 

TriangleART’s beautiful and high-quality turntables recreate sounds with accuracy and precision. It’s explosive dynamics, subtle micro and macro dynamics, along with tight and articulate bass project a light, airy holographic image and great sound stage.



The METIS loudspeakers system by TriangleART is the result of many ears of research and design refinement by our team. Components and materials are of the highest quality, sourced both domestically and internationally.

The bottom decade is covered by a high efficiency Acoustic Elegance 15 drive unit in a walnut vented enclosure with proprietary internal dampening for exceptional transient response, easily able to match those of the mid range and treble units.

The solid walnut horn, mounted above the bass cabinet, is driven by a Beyma 6.5 inch wide bandwidth cone driver and covers the frequency range from 200 Hz to 1.6 kHz.