About Us

Our cables are manufactured in a small workshop in the mountain hills of Norway. We stand firmly within a thousand year history of cautious and sincere laboring towards our goals, in unison with the Norwegian tradition of highly skilled craftsmen taking pride in delivering their utmost when thinking through and constructing our products. This tradition of sincere consciousness and perfectionism is clearly seen in everything from the architecture and beauty of our stave churches, the elegance and superior speed and handling of our Viking ships to our world leading hydro energy and oil production technology. As of 2019 we are thrilled to announce several Mk2 releases of our cable models. Mk2 Improvements include sturdiness (improved lifespan), increased ease of handling through implementing new wire frameworks, more flexible cable ends, higher quality solid core occ copper wires, less static charge resulting in shorter time for the cables to settle in with the audio system, new and/or improved terminations and more effective signal paths to name a few.


Skogrand Rachmaninov

Available within the Rachmaninov cable model range:
» SC Rachmaninov Mk2 speaker cables
» SCI Rachmaninov Mk2 interconnects
» SCJ Rachmaninov Mk2 Jumpers
The Rachmaninov Mk2 cable model offers solid core OCC copper wires of the purest quality obtainable. Silk sleeves are available as a customisation. The SC Rachmaninov speakers cables offer 2 x 12 AWG signal wires while the SCI Rachmaninov interconnects deliver the signal through 2 x 24 AWG wires.

Skogrand Brahms

Available within the Brahms cable model range:
» SC Brahms Mk2 speaker cables
» SCI Brahms Mk2 interconnects
» SCJ Brahms Mk2 Jumpers
The Brahms cable model utilizes some of the ground principles found in its more advanced siblings. You get an air dielectric construct and solid core copper wires delivering that Skogrand performance within a framework that is slightly more flexible than our other models.

Skogrand Ravel

Available within the Ravel model range:
» SC Ravel Mk2 speaker cables
» SCI Ravel Mk2 interconnects
» SCJ Ravel Mk2 Jumpers
The SC Ravel offers solid core copper leads suspended in air within a framework of low dielectric fabrics and PTFE tubing.

Skogrand Tchaikovsky Mk2

Available within the Tchaikovsky cable model range:
- SC Tchaikovsky Mk2 speaker cables
- SCI Tchaikovsky Mk2 interconnects
- SCJ Tchaikovsky Mk2 Jumpers
- SCAC Tchaikovsky AC power cables
- SCD Tchaikovsky Mk2 digital cables featuring 110 Ohm AES/EBU, 75 Ohm Coaxial RCA or BNC, USB and Ethernet cables.
- SCT Tchaikovsky tonearm cables

Skogrand Beethoven

Available within the Beethoven model range:
- SC Beethoven Mk2 speaker cables
- SCI Beethoven Mk2 interconnects
- SCJ Beethoven Mk2 Jumper cables
- SCAC Beethoven Mk2 AC power cables
- SCD Beethoven Mk2 digital cables 110 Ohm AES/EBU, 75 Ohm Coaxial RCA or BNC, USB and Ethernet cables
- SCT Beethoven tonearm cables

Skogrand Stravinsky

Our Skogrand Stravinsky line of cables is where we push for the absolute extreme of what is possible. With the Stravinsky line of cables we are going all the way - spearheading the Global market towards what is achievable within the realm of signal transfer. ​ Skogrand Stravinsky cables offer new levels of musical nuance, detail and definition with improved dynamics, speed, resolution and an image literally completely devoid of grunge and superfluous noise. You will experience increased realism and naturalness of voices and musical instruments. The dead silent background allows you to hear even the subtlest inner details of the music and to detect the unraveling of even the most complex passages with ease. The Stravinsky balances analytical detail and smoothness brilliantly and breathes life into any audio reproduction experience in ways that are more engaging and life-like than we thought possible.

Skogrand Wagner

SCAC Wagner Mk2 is a power cable that is a perfect match for our cable models Rachmaninov Mk2, Brahms Mk2 and Ravel Mk2. Skogrand Wagner Mk2 is a high performance AC power cable designed to deliver a pure energy flow to your components protecting and preserving the energy transfer with authority. Skogrand Wagner is a multistrand design with ample shielding and 15A 125V/16A 250V Rhodium plated OCC copper connectors.

Skogrand Grieg

Skogrand Grieg Mk2 is a cable model that makes an excellent compliment to our Rachmaninov Mk2, Brahms Mk2 and Ravel Mk2 cable models. The Grieg Mk2 model range offers:
- SCD Grieg Mk2 digital cables including 110 Ohm AES/EBU, 75 Ohm Coaxial RCA or BNC, USB and Ethernet cables.
- SCT Grieg Tonearm cables offering DIN connectors to XLR or RCA with custom ground wire options.