Purity of Purpose, Purity of Sound.

You could count on one hand the companies that, whatever their field of expertise, set aside any consideration of relentless effort in the single-minded pursuit of quality. It was more than twenty years ago, now, that we took the decision to found our new enterprise upon this uncompromisingly bold ethos. We launched TIDAL on a simple proposition: That we would design and build the finest audio systems in the world.

When Superlative Quality becomes its own Metaphor.

We did not restrict our ambition to sound reproduction. Because refinement of taste is rarely restricted to a single sense, we resolved that every aspect of a TIDAL system should live up to the same immaculate benchmark. To put it another way, timeless music is most at home in a multi-sensory environment that reflects its own exquisite qualities of artistry, proportion and creative invention.
And so, we apply the same rules of perfection to the external design of every component – and then further, to the level of finish that they receive in their every detail. Each aspect of a TIDAL system expresses a noble commonality – an aesthetic vision that does not so much combine form and function as transcend them. 

Technology and Emotion.

At first glance, these two words might seem to have little in common. But actually, in our company at least, the two are fundamentally related. At TIDAL, the technology may be highly advanced but it is only a means to an end – a tool for the presentation of music, the communication of great art.
When you listen to one of our systems, you will never hear the underlying science. Were you to become aware of any contributing component, we would have failed in our grand ambition.


The Bugatti of home audio. Literally.

The first TIDAL for BUGATTI masterpiece is the ROYALE series. A name not just given lightheaded, since not only it reflects one of the most prestigious models in the BUGATTI heritage and product history. Also for us it means it is ‘the crown jewel’ of everything we achieved so far, compressing and repackaging all our famous merits – sound, design and finish at state-of-the-art level – in such a high density that we classify it a game changer without hesitating.
Initiated with a strong fascination for BUGATTI we followed this inspiration for this project with the same mindset to create something unique in balance between art, craftsmanship, technology and performance and transported it together with BUGATTI into our competence field to build no less than a game changer for ears, eyes and hands.
And this excitement and personal promise formed the strong fundament for this project and alliance: TIDAL for BUGATTI. What can be noticed and experienced is quite simple: a visual promise of a breathtaking performance that is built within and unfolds to unmatched levels when unleashed – just like the unique experience of the hyper car.